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Dear Residents

Welcome to the October and November Update for Melton Rural North. The start of November was a busy time and I did not find the opportunity to sit and gather all the information for the October Update and then the half way mark passed, so this will cover both months.

I have recently been given access to the Melton Rural North page on the main Police Website. This is updated on a regular basis and holds a host of information from statistics, our latest activity on our priorities, and our forth coming beat surgeries which will soon be updated. Please take time to have peruse of the website:

Our 3 Priorities are:

1 Road Safety
2 Farming Equipment Theft and Rural Crime
3 Vehicle Crime


For Priority 1 road safety the following activity has taken place:

13/10 6541 Traffic Monitoring Harston 17:20-17:40 – 2 advice letters sent
Croxton – 18:00-18:20 – 3 advice letters sent
Traffic stop - Driver issued with a TOR due to having a dangerously bald tyre.
24/10- 4252 Speed monitoring in the villages of Coston, Garthorpe and Buckminster after community reports of speeding (namely by motorbikes) no issues of note at times attended.
25/10/21-4252- Proactive patrols in the villages of Coston, Garthorpe, Wymondham, Freeby, Croxton Kerrial, Waltham, Redmile, Barkestone, A52 traffic monitoring
27/10 Afternoon Patrols through Saltby to Waltham for weight restriction, no breaches seen
13/10 00:07 Stow Hill Sproxton – Fail to Stop – 3 arrests made (carried out by Lincolnshire Police)

Priority 2 Farming equipment theft

The following crimes have been recorded for October in relation to the priority:
21*572941- 15:24 – Hare Coursing – Bottesford
21*587232 – Waltham Lane, Harby, residential burglaru – theft of Red Honda 420 Quad Bike
21*592782 / 21*592801 05:00-05:30 12/10 – Theft of 2 Excavators from Building Site in Bottesford. 1x orange and yellow Hyundai and 1x Orange and Red Kubota.
21*598746 – 07/10 – Stonesby – Theft of trap
21*604930 – 07/10 – Hose – criminal damage to 2 traps
21*610830 – Knipton – Residential burglary to outbuilding 23:30 19/10 – 08:20 20/10
21*619862 – 24/10 20/10-23/10 – Criminal damage to fence on land between Eaton and Branston
21*619862 – 22:30 24/10– Saltby -Burglary Business & Commercial – Shed broken into, alarm sounded, nothing stolen.
21*620012 – 24/10-25/10 – Saltby – padlock broken to farm entrance.
21*620841 – 23:50 24/10- 00:50 25/10 – Wymondham – Burglary-Business and commercial – container broken into.

Activities carried out
02/10 Patrols Wymondham, Sewstern, Buckminster, Coston, Stonesby, WATW, Thorpe Arnold.
04/10 Evening Patrols Scalford, Eastwell, Branston, Eaton, Knipton, Harston
05/10 PM Patrols, Thorpe Arnold, Waltham on The Wolds, Croxton Kerrial, Saltby, Sproxton,Coston, Saxby. Scalford, Eastwell, Harby, Stathern. Evening patrols Scalford, Eastwell, Stathern, Dove Cottage, Plungar, Barkestone, Branston, Eaton, Chadwell, Wycombe, Scalford. Victim reassurance visit.
06/10 Evening patrols, Bottesford, Eastwell, Barkestone Le Vale, Redmile, Harby, Scalford, Branston, Scalford, Stathern, Goadby Marwood.
12/10 PM patrols Scalford, Eastwell, Stathern, Redmile, Barkestone, Plungar, Harby, Hose, Long Clawson.
13/10 PM patrols Scalford, Eastwell, Knipton, Harston, Croxton Kerrial, Waltham, Thorpe Arnold.
Evening patrols Waltham, Stonesby, Sproxton
15/10 Night Shift patrols focussed in the area of Bottesford. This is in relation to the theft of 2 x £20,000 Excavator Diggers from the Miller Homes Building Site on Normanton Road, on the 12/10/2021. Patrols carried out in Scalford as well due to recent theft of number plates.
16/10 ANPR car utilised in Bottesford to check for any suspicious vehicles in the area. Also utilised on the A52 and surrounding villages including Harby, Hose, Long Clawson, Croxton Kerrial, Scalford, Barkestone Le Vale, Redmile, Belvoir, Buckminster.
24/10 Patrols of a number of farmland areas on the 34 beat including Buckminster, Wymondham, Coston, Garthorpe, Freeby, Croxton Kerriel, Sproxton, Waltham, Hose, Harby, Redmile, Barkestone.
27/10 PM Patrols Saxby/Garthorpe/Coston/Sproxton/Saltby/Stonesby/Waltham/Thorpe Arnold. 2 victim reassurance visits and NHL link alert sent for commercial burglaries
29/10 AM patrols around Hose/Harby/Stathern/Eastwell/Scalford
31/10 Evening patrols, Scalford, Eastwell, Bottesford areas

Priority 3 Vehicle Crime

The following crimes have been recorded:
21*575342 – 22:00 03/10 – 07:30 04/10 – Waltham on The Wolds, Main Street – Van broken into, searched and damaged.
21*578863 – 15:56-16:10 05/10 – Church Street, Scalford – Theft of front number plate ET18 XJF – damage to rear.
21*584411 – 07/10 13:15-22:20 – Stonesby – Theft of vehicle, Ford Ranger – vehicle recovered on Pasture Lane Hose
21*578863 – 07/10 – 13:15-22:20 Theft of number plates from vehicle on Normanton Lane, Bottesford – FN67 WEX
21*595151 – 17:00 12/10 – 06:45 – 13/10 – Scalford Village Hall, van tyres damaged.
21*595151 21*619833 – 19:00 21/10 – 05:30 25/10 – Stapleford – Theft of Green Polaris Ranger, Theft of Brown Ifor Williams Horse Trailer
21*633103 – 14:54 30/10 – Hose Lane, Long Clawson – passing vehicle throws item at stationary vehicle causing damage to rear passenger window.
21*643182 – 31/10 – Buckminster – Theft of front and rear number plates – NA63 FRP

05/10 NHL Message sent alerting residents to Vehicle crime in Waltham and Scalford between 01/05-03/10 Victim reassurance completed for Waltham
06/10 Parked up in the area of Church Street in Scalford where two sets of number plates were stolen on the 05/10/2021. Monitored traffic in the evening and used police systems to check vehicles. Nothing of concern noted.
11/10 Victim reassurance visit completed
AM Patrols Scalford
13/10 Victim reassurance visit in Scalford, NHL sign up’s completed in local area. NHL message sent to Scalford alerting them to the crime spree
15/10 Night shift patrols focussed predominantly in the area of bottesford due to the high value theft of 2 x £20,000 excavator diggers from a building site on Normanton Road.
Stop Check - TOR issued to a vehicle for having an extremely bald tyre, well below the 1.6mm legal limit.
16/10 Oakham ANPR car utilised in Bottesford as above, to try and ping any vehicles of concern in the area. Also utilised on the A52 and surrounding villages including Harby, Hose, Long Clawson, Croxton Kerrial, Scalford, Barkestone Le Vale, Redmile, Belvoir, Buckminster.


Priority 1
05/11 Traffic calming Buckminster 10:30-10:45
10/11 Hose speed enforcement ½ hour school finishing. 2 vehicles stopped for entering the village at 40mph
15/11 WOTW Weight Restriction monitoring 14:30-15:00 4 potential breaches
27/11 Eastwell S59 issued to nuisance driver and vehicle seized.
03:12 07/11 – Woolsthorpe Lane, Muston – Driver arrested for drug driving
02:55 25/11 Long Lane nr Redmile Driver arrested for failing breath test following RTC.

Priority 2
Crimes recorded in relation to farming thefts and rural crime

21*662821 – 13/11 19:45 -19:50 Attempt Burglary Dwelling Croxton Kerrial, suspects disturbed before offences committed. Linked to antisocial behaviour and perpetrators visited by officers and offered words of advice.
21*687070 – 15:30 24/11 – 07:20 – 25/11 Burglary Business and Commercial Field Lane, Saxby, attempt to break into container.
21*692262 – Goadby Road, Waltham on the Wolds – damage to fencing.

Activities carried out
01/11 PM Patrols Knipton, Belvoir, Barkestone, Eastwell, Stathern, Scalford. Evening patrols Long Clawson, Hose, Harby, Stathern, Waltham on the Wolds, Croxton Kerrial, Sproxton, Saltby, Stonesby
05/11 PM patrols Asfordby, Saxelbye, Ab Kettleby, Scalford, Thorpe Arnold (joint op vitality with Rural South Team)
06/11 AM Patrols, Saxby, Garthorpe, Coston, Buckminster, Sproxton, Saltby, Stonesby, WOTW
07/11 AM Patrols Eaton, Branston, WOTW, Thorpe Arnold, Croxton, Knipton, Harston, Old Dalby, Ab Kettleby, Asfordby (Op Vitality Patrols
08/11 PM Patrols, WOTW, Eaton, Branston, Stathern, Eastwell, Harby, Hose, Long Clawson
09/11 PM Op Vitality Patrols rural farmland and areas around Saxby, Wymondham, Sewstern, Buckminster, Sproxton, Saltby, Stonesby, Waltham, Chadwell, Wycomb, Scalford.
Evening patrols Scalford, Eastwell, Plungar, Bottesford
10/11 Patrols around Stathern, Eastwell, Scalford, Barkestone
15/11 AM patrols Thorpe Arnold, WOTW, Croxton, Knipton, Belvoir, Bottesford, Muston, Eastwell Scalford.
PM Patrols Thorpe Arnold,WOTW.
16/11 AM Patrols Scalford, Eastwell, Stathern, Bottesford
PM Patrols Bottesford
17/11 PM Patrols Scalford, Goadby Marwood, WOTW, Stonesby, Sproxton, Buckminster, Sewstern, Wymondham,
Evening patrols Scalford, Eastwell, Plungar, Barkestone, Branston, Eaton, WOTW, Thorpe Arnold.
18/11 PM Patrols Freeby, WOTW areas

Priority 3
Crimes recorded in relation to vehicle crime

21*636083 – 15:15-15:25 – 01/11 – South Close, Scalford – Theft of number plates – FG70 FLF
21*648949 – 09:05-14:25 05/11 – Garthorpe – criminal damage to vehicle door handle
21*649733 22:26 07/11 – Main Street, Eaton, damage to vehicle window, linked to 21*649768, criminal damage to village hall window by ball bearings.
21*669938 02:00 17/11 – Kings Close, Scalford – damage to vehicle, no entry gained.
21*669958 – 16:30 16/11 – 08:10 17/11 – Chapel Street, Barkestone Le Vale, theft of stereo from vehicle
21*673125 – 22:00 16/11-08:00 17/11 – Daybell Close, Bottesford – Van broken into and tools stolen
21*669696 – 23:00 16/11 – 07:00 17/11 – Chestnut Close, Bottesford, Van broken into and tools stolen.
21*676510 – 20:00 16/11 – 08:30 17/11 – Frog Lane, Plungar, Van broken into a tools stolen
21*684944 & 21*684944– 20/11 00:00-12:00 – Middle Street, Croxton Kerrial – attempt to steal number plates.
21*685200 17:00 23/11 – 08:15 24/11 – Laurel Way, Bottesford – Theft of Blue Ford Transit HV12 AEJ
21*688974 – 18:30-20:30 25/11, damage to wing mirrors to vehicle on The Green, Hose.

Activities carried out
05/11 Patrols in Scalford between 15:00 and 16:00 following number plate theft occurring around 15:15 on 1/11. Victim reassurance visit
06/11 Patrols in Scalford around 15:45-16:15 CCTV enquiry
08/11 Patrols in Eaton and NHL sign up following a vehicle being damaged by a ball bearing. Victim reassurance visit and alert sent on NHL
17/11 Vehicle crime spree across the Vale 16-17, in Scalford, Plungar, Barkestone, Bottesford. Victims contacted/visited in Scalford and Plungar. NHL link sign ups in Scalford and NHL alert sent out to the Vale.
PM Patrols conducted in Scalford, Plungar and Barkestone
18/11 Vehicle crime victim reassurance visit in Barkestone

Our beat surgeries for the new year are yet to be decided, these will be updated on the website on the link above. If there are any community, village events being organised please let us know and we will try and make an appearance to engage with the community. The beat team are now back up to full strength with the return of PC Adam Atkinson who has completed his attachment to CID. Welcome back Adam.

This time of year we do see an increase in crime, particularly Burglary, please have a look at our website for the latest crime prevention advice and use this opportunity to check your current security. If you are out in the evenings consider leaving lights on/have timer switches to give the appearance the home is occupied.

Attached is also the Melton Newsletter for November.

We hope you all enjoy the holiday season and here’s to a better 2022!

Kind Regards

PCSO Claire Gray 6541

The Melton Rural North Team are PS Simon Williams 1951, PC Daniel Daley 4252, PC Adam Atkinson 4517 and PCSO Claire Gray 6541
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Claire Gray (Police, PCSO, Melton and Rutland)
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